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It's on to Super Bowl 50 for the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos! What a weekend of NFL action!

Denver vs. New England

What a game this was in the AFC Championship. Denver was playing with a precarious lead for pretty much the whole game, as they stifled the Patriots' offense and really took advantage of their complete inability to run the ball. New England recorded just 44 rushing yards on 17 attempts and that was the true downfall of this team. Brady couldn't get it done, as he uncharacteristically threw 2 INTs. He brought New England right where they had to be, with some incredible catches by Gronkowski to put the Pats within a 2-pt conversion of sending it to overtime. But Brady was rushed during the 2-pt conversion and threw an INT, sending the Broncos the Super Bowl and the Patriots home packing.
Denver looks poised to put up a real fight in this one, with their defense looking as strong as it ever has. Peyton was efficient, and with there being a good chance that he retires after this season, he will want to go out on top, no doubt about it.

Carolina vs. Arizona

Can anyone stop the Panthers? They raced out to a 17-0 lead in the first quarter and never looked back. While they put up a massive 49 points, it was actually the defense that won them this game. They held Arizona's offense, which was one of the best in the league all season long, to just 235 yards passing and intercepted Carson Palmer 4 times. Cam Newton threw for 2 TDs and rushed for 2 more, while the running game and Jonathan Stewart wore down the Cardinals all night long. This one, honestly, wasn't even close.
The Panthers are looking absolutely ferocious as they have mowed down their opponents in two games straight. I know that no one wants to root for them, but they have been on a crash course to the Super Bowl since Week 1 and have never slowed down. I'm incredibly impressed with this team and would be terrified to face them if I were Denver.

Did you see the games? What is your take on the outcomes?

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@jeff4122 Cam was just like *pantomimes explosion* poof.
I will admit that I cried after the Panthers embarrassed the Cards like that, but they deserve this. That would be awesome to see Manning end his career with a second ring though.
@KyleBerke hahah sorry for your loss my man!
The Broncos-Patriots game was great. I knew it was going to be a close one, but I thought Brady was going to inch past Manning by a close margin. But then again, I was wrong. And I just gotta give it to the Broncos defense. They were impeccable through out the entire game (maybe except the last few minutes of the game) and they did deserve to go to the Super Bowl!
Broncos. lol