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Would You Rather? #15: Jiyong

Would You Rather Kiss Jiyong then Never see him again or Marry Jiyong but you'll have cancer? - Comment your answers. Check out my new collection: The Dating Games See the 2nd card if you want to know which BIGBANG member suits your style. Thank you ♥ Do you want to be tagged on my "Would You Rather?" cards? So that you could be updated. -Just comment "Tag me" The "Would You Rather?" squad: @BlueMoon201 @mayapapaya @Katherina2078 @saraortiz2002 @ZwankimaWalker @H8rt4u @deilig @KwonOfAKind @SyumbiUchicha @Reika12 @GrandPop @ChaoticJae @MikaLewis @Zxenna @yaya12 @screamoparadise @lilbr0wneyes @ElAnCa @obiterdictum @AlexAckerman @BabyLuhan @bangtangirl @marisamusic @ChavaBerry @Sammie99522 @DeathsAngel @SatinSkies @StephyBAP @AnnaArai @abby177 @jaidemae @VeronicaArtino @ViStorm @TerraToyaSi @MichelleIbarra @exobts947 @Starbell808 @JamiMilsap @KarenLi @QueenLele @KiinLyr @Annaharris1989 @CristelaLoz @GamerKyumin @Maddie27 @MarrickeJ33 @SashaLove
marry him but have cancer! because well id atleast be with him during my last days and give him more than one kiss plus it never said what type of cancer so for all we know it might have been a cancer i could defeat so yay 😄
okay, so I Kiss Jiyong ....but never get to see him again Or Marry him but I have cancer (smells like the Haru Haru MV) ...that MV made me feel so bad for its wasnt even real and I felt so bad for him. I would just kiss him and never get to see him again but.....I like him to much But I dont know if I could put him through the whole cancer thing.....maybe I can keep it a secret and survive.. This is a hard question.....Jiyong I love you but I can bare to see you sad and worried.....So even if it means forever I guess that final kiss will have to be our last goodbye . . . Actually....I found a loop hole who says I didn't marry him and that kiss wasnt the one before I died or was never specified that the last kiss was also the first...SO IM GOING WITH THE KISS ♡♡ Im Jiyong trash I cant help it XD
@KwonOfAKind Ouch, yes the cancer reminds me too much of haru haru 😭 I would have to pick kiss and never see him again, having that memory in both of our heads would be enough and I can still find love somewhere else but have an awesome story to tell... why does this choice sound like a Taylor swift song though? 😅
Marry him who says I can't survive it👏🏾
I would definitely marry him!😆 I'm sure that it would be painful, but I just know my jiyongie would be ~fighting👊~ alongside me & we would the fight and live jamfully ever after..😁💞
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