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Hi everyone! Many of you probably already know me as the Newsie person. But I've been hanging out more and more in the Love & Relationship Community and talking more about Love stuff. So needless to say I was pretty pumped when @AlloBaber offered me the role as support member!
She has dubbed me the "Question Master!" of the L&R Community!

A little bit about me~

I'm the friend in my group that always is giving advice, or listening. So I love to hear what people have to say! :D In my free time I enjoy cooking, yoga, singing, and talking about world issues. I'm also a big fan of coffee. BIG FAN.

A little bit about my love inspiration~

My parents are my ultimate love inspiration. They met in college, right before my dad joined the military. They have lived in 15 different places, done long distance for years while my dad was deployed, and still kept that cutsy gross love stuff alive.
Other inspirations include: Marshal and Lilly from HIMYM, any couple from period dramas, and yes Disney movies.... I'm secretly a romantic.

What I hope to do~

Help with your love questions and share my advice. Also get some of YOUR advice for my friends dealing with love, (I already started a collection for their never-ending questions!) And just have fun supporting @AlloBaber and everyone else in their relationship adventures!

Thank you to all my buddies who have helped me and talked with me on Vingle. I appreciate you all!

Eh, I say you are allowed to toot your own horn for everyone 😉 They don't call me the question master for nothing... @marshalledgar :D Thanks friends!! @Ercurrent @BeannachtOraibh
Yaaaaayyyyyyy give @nicolejb your new Question Master a giant Vingle welcome!!! I don't need to tell you guys, though, look at you guys :,) beat me to it hahaha
@paulisadroid has been networking @nicolejb
Honest Excited Response: This is beautiful news. If I were a being that "needed advice", I would love to come to you. But unfortunately, for you (maybe), I already understand all there is to understand about "love". It is a chemical reaction in the brain that makes fools of all humans. I hope you do not end up a fool @nicolejb. Congratulations on your new position.
When you said your love inspiration was Marshall and Lily, I thought you were going to say @marshalledgar. No lie.
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