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We lucked out with Chris Evans you guys.

He's perfect for the role, and he clearly adores the character. But Marvel didn't sign him on for the part right away, and let's just say they had some interesting ideas about who should play the First Avenger...

Will Smith

Apparently he was in "talks", but the contract probably wasn't appealing. Remember, when they were casting for the character Marvel didn't have the most impressive track record, and they wanted to lock the actor in for several years. It makes sense for Smith to have walked away, even though it would have been cool to see him as Cap.

Joe Jonas

Once a Disney star, always a Disney star?

Dane Cook

Yup, the stand-up comedian auditioned for the part. He's mostly known for frat-boy humor that played well on Comedy Central. Personally I can't imagine what they were thinking there, but maybe he read well?

Who else?

Jensen Ackles (of Supernatural), Channing Tatum, Sebastian Stan (who was cast as Bucky instead- GOOD CALL), and The Office's John Krasinski were all shortlisted. Which one surprised you most? I'm still not over Will Smith XD
I think Jensen could have been good as Steve Rogers.
fr? Joe Jonas?? I'm definitely much happier with their final decision.
joe Jonas!?
@CreeTheOtaku Dean? no, but Sam? Yes.
I could had seen Channing playing Cap
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