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To come back to Vingle after being sick and seeing this just makes a feel a even better..... To think that 104 people are following me is kind if guys must be insane XD
But I really love you guys and all of you have been so nice and even those that don't make cards your comments or likes are sometimes what I need the most. Ughhh the feels are too much...I feel the love :) *And thanks to the people who are active on my cards but don't follow I didn't forget about you
So in honor of you guys I will be doing ......ANYTHING YOU GUYS WANT ME TO DO!!! Whether Its Questions or Card Requests I Will Try My Hardest To Fulfill It!!! So Just Ask Away!! I'll do as many as I can on Friday then continue until I finish all requests!!

I Love You Guys And Thank You For the friendships, the laughs , and the awesome support!!!

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it all started with one person posting stats and then we all did cause we are a big family and support each other. I posted my stats too
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Glad you're feeling better and thank you for all the amazing cards you make for all of us.
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@johnEvans 馃尀 i have a question do you know what happened to the group LEGEND? They had a few really good songs "Trace" "I what to know" Can you post something about themThanks!
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@monikad No but I can find out...I'll try to post something about them tomorrow
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@johnEvans Thanks
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