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Prologue - C1 - C2 - C3 - C4
"For the person to protect me for possibly the rest of my life, I have chosen...Hoseok."
Everyone looked stunned at my decision and stared at me. "Why him?" Jungkook was wide eyed and stared at Hoseok who was also shocked. "He's not someone who could fight when he needed to." I knew that he wasn't one to jump head first into a conflict but I had chosen him.
"But, remember that there are other ways that they might try to take me, so he would be able to then." Hoseok perked up and laid down on the bed he was on. No one argued further than that and continued their conversations. I went over to talk to Hoseok while everyone else was talking to someone else except me and him. "Hoseok." I poked at his cheek to make sure he wasn't asleep yet. He opened one eye and smiled.
"Y/N, what they said was true, I might not be able to fight them off but I can take care of you when a casual conflict comes up." I shrugged and grabbed his hand and smiled.
"Hoseok, it's fine as long as you're there to put them down, even with words." He became cheerful and rubbed my head playfully.
"Y/N, I know you've only been here for like 2 days, but what is your opinion on soy noodles? Not the vegan kind, the good kind." I shrugged and told him that I didn't know much about Korean foods. "Ah, well, they're really good but they taste even better with spicy sauce. I asked Jin to get some for breakfast tomorrow morning. I've found that they taste great with steak. And steak tastes great with egg in the mornings."
"Namjoon said that Jin didn't cook breakfast and can't cook." I guess I said that a bit loud because everyone either looked at me or Namjoon. "He told me this morning. I asked why we were going out instead of Jin cooking." Namjoon went red and looked at the floor.
"Joonie, you couldn't tell her that we didn't have time?" Hoseok was about to get Namjoon in a head lock but Jimin reached him first. "Why?"
Namjoon got Jimin off of him and brushed himself off. "I just felt like it needed to be said. Aish, Jimin get off me." Jimin had hopped onto his back.
I went back to my conversation with Hoseok about Korean foods. Yoongi had made his way over to where we were sitting and joined in. Jin later told us all to go to our rooms and sleep. He had made plans to go to Seoul tomorrow so we would need our rest. We shuffled into our rooms and got ready for bed. I stepped out of my room to go to the bathroom. Hoseok was coming back from the bathroom and looked down almost embarrassed about something. It must not be anything since he didn't say anything.
I continued my night routine and finished up. When I returned to my room Hoseok was standing beside the door. He noticed me and slightly bowed to me and shifted to the side. "Ah, Hoseok, do you need anything?" He pursed his lips and handed me a notebook. "What's this for?"
"Just about everyone needs something to write in. Their day, their feelings, anything. I decided you needed one too and I had an empty one, so there you go." The springy green with blue flower was almost calming. I honestly doubted that he had a floral notebook just sitting in his room. But I didn't question him. "Here's this too, to write with since you can't write with air. If you could, that would be amazing. But, I'm pretty sure you can't so here." He handed me a pen that matched the notebook.
"Thanks Hoseok, I will use this well." He nodded.
"Y/N, you can call me Hobi if you want. Hoseok sounds too stiff. Anyways, goodnight." I nodded and gave a slight wave as he turned to go to his room. I set the notebook and pen on my desk and sat on my bed. I wasn't tired for now and just sat thinking. Thinking about what my life would be like from now on. After a half an hour of thinking I still wasn't tired. Maybe I should clear my mind, a glass of water should help.
I left my room for the kitchen. Someone else must have had the same idea. Hoseok was leaning against the counter drinking water. As soon as I stepped in he slightly jumped at my footsteps.
"Ah, what are you doing out here at 1 in the morning?" He took another gulp of his water.
"I needed to clear my mind from thinking and thought a glass of water would help." I grabbed a cup from the shelf and filled it up. After I got my water I sat on a stool across from him. "And why are you out here?"
"I suddenly had the urge to drink some water so, here I am." He gulped down the rest of his water and put it away. "Finish quickly, you need sleep." Even though he said that I needed to get to sleep he stood across from me while I drank my water. I looked up at him questionably.
"You said we needed our rest, so why are you still here?" I sipped down the rest of my water.
"Just wanted to make sure you got back to your room at a good time." I raised my eyebrow at him. Another cover up to mask the fact that he actually cared so deeply.
"And I wanted to ask you first. Can I move into your room so people don't try to get you
when I can't protect you if I'm not?" I nodded and cleaned up. He was still smiling as I walked back to my room. "He, good night y/n." I said it back and went back to my room.
I still sat thinking even though he told me not to. Finally I snapped out of it around 2 when I started falling forwards from sleep. Guess it's time to sleep then. I turned off my lamp and climbed into bed then fell asleep shortly.
I woke up with the sun blinding me. Morning? I sat up and rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock. 9:18. I guess I should get up since someone would be in eventually to wake me up. I got up to stretch and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess so I made it look somewhat decent for the morning with the boys. There was a soft knock at my door and I opened it. Hoseok stood there about to knock again. He must have been sent to wake me up.
"Oh, good morning Hobi." He nodded and walked into my room and sat on the bed. I followed him to my bed and sat down beside him. He rested his head on one hand and had his eyes closed. "Were you sent to wake me up?" He slowly nodded. "I guess I'm going to have to wake you up then." He looked at me confused. I grabbed him by the wrists and pulled him up from the bed.
"What are you doing?" I slid him around my room for a bit until he was slipping around independently. He was fully awake after a few minutes. "Now, let's go eat!" He pulled me out of the room and into the dining area. Jin was at the stove cooking. 3 members sat at the table. Taehyung and Yoongi haven't come out yet but they should be soon. We took our seats and talked. Yoongi was being dragged out to the table by Taehyung.
We talked more about our trip to Seoul for the day. The most interesting places and best places to eat. Jin set the food on the table and we started eating. "Jin, is there more kimchi?" Jungkook had eaten 3 servings and was asking for more. Jin shook his head and told him to just eat another egg. They all finished every piece of meat, egg, over 10 servings of noodles, and a whole lot of kimchi. They finished then went back to their rooms to get ready while I helped Jin clean up.
I went back to my room to get ready too. I picked a white shirt with a black heart on it, black pants, and my red converse. Maybe while we are out today, I could get another pair of shoes. I brushed out my hair and pulled it up. I wish I could wear a little makeup here to make myself look a little better. Without much thought I went to the bathroom to wash up. Hoseok was coming out of his room and saw me coming. He simply smiled at me and continued walking to the triplet's room.
After I finished I sat in my room thinking again. Maybe I should write in my notebook Hoseok gave me. It's supposed to be for writing feelings down so that's what I'll do. I decided to flip through to see the layout of the notebook. I noticed that a page was ripped out, the side paper was still remaining at the seam. He probably wrote on the first page and thought that he didn't have a use for it. I wonder what he wrote.
He wrote heavily so there was an impression on the page below where he ripped it out. I took my pen and lightly scribbled on top of where the physical impression was. The letters could start being seen. Around the page were a few other designs that I scribbled over. I could finally make out what I said. And that was definitely Hoseok's handwriting.
"I can fall in love with Y/N, and so I shall."
Heyo, this is actually shorter than the others. It's just that I can't think of much for his parts. There are 2 members left for this chapter. Don't worry, the story will start branching out soon-ish. Remember to leave feedback and suggestions. Questions are also welcomed! Hope you are enjoying the story! Buing~
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