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Guys, I need your help! It would be amazing if a couple dudes could give their opinions here.

If you were to go out on a date with a girl, which look would you appreciate more?

Look #1: Bright red lips 脿 la Taylor Swift and simple eye makeup.


Look #2: Dark red lipstick with smokey eyeshadow.

And, I actually have a second question. Which dress would you prefer on a date?

A sweet, lacy white dress?


A classic little black dress?

So, in summary, let me know which makeup look you prefer and which dress color you prefer. I'm trying to help a friend choose a boy-approved date night look!

Thanks so much for your help! <3

@AlloBaber I think @InPlainSight beat me to it. The bright red and dark lip shades DEFINITELY catch a guys eyes and makes us look at a womens lips...but while I cant speak for all men, to me, I kinda feel like it pushes me away a bit. I knew a girl in high school who Im good friends with that used to wear lipstick like that and I just felt compelled away from it you know? Like I dont know its just not my cup of tea personally. I like lipstick but I perfer normal shades. Like when I go out on dates I look a girl over from head to toe. From how she's dressed to what makeup she has on and I can tell you that a women needs no help drawing my attention to her lips cause if the date goes very well im trying to steal that kiss.
I hate when a girl over does her makeup it make her feel fake and almost as if there is something to hide... I much prefer minimal makeup and for clothes it doesn't really matter we basically like what ever you wear. Like I for example think my girlfriend looks just as amazing in sweats as anything else which she loves because it allows both of us to relax and just enjoy each others company!
the more naturalistic the better. too much make up is over kill. I would choose 4
these responses are killing me @invinsybll @inplainsight
@InVinsybll I second that
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