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I still can't get over the fact that Pokemon has reached its 20th Anniversary. That's a giant achievement for anything that's been put into our world. But in video games, I don't think there's another franchise that has been able to excite (or inspire) people of all ages to pick up a little game machine and try and catch a lot of pocket monsters.
And that feeling, that feeling of growth without too much change. Or the feeling of having something you've known your whole life exist for the same amount of time that you have existed (or longer) is almost comforting. Sure, it makes me feel old and outdated. But the core mechanics of the game and the story -- if there is one -- will always be something that I'll cherish for the rest of my life.
There isn't much dialogue in the advert but the line (and the variations of the line), "I can do that" has so much weight I didn't think I would feel. It's as if this game, in my experience, had helped empower me and my confidence. Yes, it's a silly little game about throwing little balls at animals and catching them. But in my experience, maybe not yours, it was about nurturing these little guys and feeling like I cared about something.
And at times, it was about being the best in my group of friends. It was about earning my own confidence to talk to a kid at school and make a friend. It was about having those friends and feeling like they liked me for me instead of being the "friend you make fun of".
I guess what I'm saying is: Yeah, I feel old as fuck knowing Pokemon hit its 20th Anniversary. But I also feel happy and excited that I've been a part of its history since it was birthed into our world. And I hope, if I ever have kids, I can look at my son/daughter and tell them,
You can do that.
What a great commercial. I can't believe it has been 20 years. Yeah, @nicolejb, I feel old, too.
That was one badass commercial!
@nicolejb for real lol
yeah it's almost like the phrase should be "you SHOULD BE DOING THIS" powerful marketing right there @paulisadroid I knowwww @otakukpopgirl he almost looked like a pet just chilling watching tv!!
oh man. I remember my poke-days. I feel old now too :( though, this ad oddly makes me think I can still get back into the Poke-World!
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