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So I'm 26 (almost). I'm still attending college. I'm single. I hate the "sympathy" I get from people about both of those things. School is rough for me and I am not proud of being in school for so long but drawing attention to it does not help motivation. No, I'm not trying to be a professional student. No I don't enjoy going to school and I'm not proud of the failures I've had in it so far. But I'm still trying and still moving forward with it. Maybe I'm stubborn who knows? But don't mock or question it because that doesn't make things easier for the people who struggle in school like I do. The same goes for me being single. In fact, it's worse. I had a 4 year relationship blow up on me and then tried to force another one after and that blew up too. Do I necessarily love being single? Hell no! But I despise being judged for it. I'm looking but not by loitering in bars or clubs. I don't have time for that crap. I've learned my flaws and am working through them to be the better October. I post this because there have been many single related posts and the majority I've seen are single by choice. Good for them! They should be and I used to be. But the "oh don't worry you'll find someone someday", the " there's someone for you out there", and the "why wouldn't someone want to date you?" are all such a drain. It's just drawing attention to what I already know everyday and it does suck but it also sounds like I'm being judged for being single. I'm aware I'm single. There's parts of single life I enjoy. There are more that I don't but your "encouragement" isn't fixing anything; it just makes those who are single not by choice feel worse. There, whiney rant over. Just had to get it out and Vingle is the better place for me to do so.
I get irritated when people question the fact that I'm single too. It's to the point that my sexually has been questioned as well. That shit is irky lol. This is coming from people who are in relationships and somewhat wish that they were single. I laugh because they're jealous at the fact that I can do ANYTHING I want. And as long as you're trying in school, it doesn't matter what people think.
I think that all makes sense. It sounds like people are trying to be sympathetic but they don't really get where you're at. Honestly I think these things take as long as they take, there isn't one "standard" path and that's fine. Honestly my college didn't have the best retention rate- a lot of people dropped out or took years off so I ended up with a lot of older friends who were graduating with me, or at different schools after me. It sucks that people make such a big deal out of it.
I applause to you. If anyone makes fun of you for going to college, they're just jealous. I'm 23 and tried college for a semester or two before I have up. Didn't have the motivation nor time for it. And I'm single by choice. Had a 6 year relationship that messed me up and any relationship I've had since then I've screwed up purposely cuz I'm so scared of them.
tbh i dropped out of schooll in 11th and had to repeat 11th grade and failed 8th grade im not an idiot just wasnt motivated in school at all i feel asleep all the time but you'll be ok my friend just dont worry about to much
I understand some people are genuinely trying to be sympathetic so I usually let comments pass. However, few of them think how their comments sound to someone already stressed out. And I didn't even bother mentioning the more aggressively judgmental people. The ones that like to talk like either of these things have a time limit or you're just screwed. Maybe I'm just reading too much into what people say but it does feel like a big deal and a huge amount of pressure.
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