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A reminder to the police officer who was ironically in trouble with the law, yelling in the middle of my street last night. I heard you say; "That fucking faggot called the police on me." You weren't aware I was listening, although I can promise you the whole block heard. And you most certainly aren't aware that your words are still reverberating round my skull, Faggot grating on my ear drums like sandpaper. But it is.
From what I learned about your job my dear Police Officer, is that you are suppose to be the voice for the persecuted. From what I was told your badge of honor represents is courage, a person meant to be respected. From what I KNOW about your profession, you are suppose to protect. Well sir, should I even still call you that? I do NOT feel protected.
Because to be quite honest, using the word faggot completely isolated, hurts, and verbally abuses a large portion of the population, many of which experience hate crimes that would require your job given "power."

In case you didnt know,

- 6,000 hate crimes committed in 2013, 20% of which had to do with someones sexual orientation. - 20% of the LGBT community are threatened with bodily harm or rape. - And 75% of victimsNOT be report the assault against the sexuality to the law. And you, my ignorant police officer neighbor, are one of the reasons why victims will not report their attacks.
Because when you say the world Faggot your "power to protect", suddenly seems like the authority to ridicule, insult, and ignore a certain crime just because YOU can. When call someone a Faggot you are furthering the idea that the police can no longer be trusted; that they do not have every citizens best interest at heart.

When you call someone a fucking faggot you should lose your fucking right to have any power. Because clearly you will not be seeking justice for all.

Turn in your badge at any time "Officer", I will feel safer without you.
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Wow, what a beautiful way of taking a personal example and shedding some light on the importance situation. I hope the police officer reads some of these stats.
@InPlainSight @AlloBaber @nicolejb thanks guys it just seriously makes me look at him differently not only as a police officer but as a person as well.
@LizArnone People use words like that so casually, it's disappointing
You should report it to his captain.
@InPlainSight that is such an accurate word... Disappointing ughhhhhh