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Alright, so last week we started a discussion on if Girls Should Ask Guys Out.
This brought on a really good discussion about how hard it is sometimes to ask people out!! Traditionally, guys might have a harder time mustering up the courage to ask a lady out. But, @BurningRed made a REALLY good point about how sometimes it's hard for a lady to say "no thanks" to someone that asks them out. It sucks to let someone down!
And vice versa! Sometimes ladies ask out someone and they get denied too. Sometimes dudes have to say "no thanks!"
So, I want to open up the discussion. I know we might be biased to our side of the dating scene, but try to think of the other's perspective.

Is it harder to ask someone out? Or have to deny someone?

Nah...harder for's this guy a creep, do I want to be alone of kind of alone with him.....Guys have it easier.
Rejecting someone sounds like a problem that I would gladly have.
Asking out is difficult, it's like you are opening up yourself for someone, and if he or she says no.. It becomes awkward.
@InPlainSight I agree with you. I always have that issue too whenever I get asked out. They may seem nice but what if they turn out to be really creepy. There's also that fear of trust for us females.
I'm guessing it's harder to ask someone out, no matter your gender! And guys do usually get stuck with that role, because of societal expectations and yada yada yada. I also tend to think it's a bit easier for girls, just because we often seem to get put in the position of power (the position of being asked, rather than asking). Kudos to the ladies who ask out dudes!!! You guys rock!!! :D
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