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Alright, so last week we started a discussion on if Girls Should Ask Guys Out.
This brought on a really good discussion about how hard it is sometimes to ask people out!! Traditionally, guys might have a harder time mustering up the courage to ask a lady out. But, @BurningRed made a REALLY good point about how sometimes it's hard for a lady to say "no thanks" to someone that asks them out. It sucks to let someone down!
And vice versa! Sometimes ladies ask out someone and they get denied too. Sometimes dudes have to say "no thanks!"
So, I want to open up the discussion. I know we might be biased to our side of the dating scene, but try to think of the other's perspective.

Is it harder to ask someone out? Or have to deny someone?

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Oh, and to everyone in here, I changed my user name to my favorite Naruto character. Why? Well some personal stories might just slip out in these love and relationships sections. Some may involve friends, and I would rather keep them anonymous.
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@Chrisingularis Totally!! yeah, I think personality plays a lot into this. I have NO problem with getting rejected so I don't mind asking people out. But I'm such a people pleaser that it sucks when I have to let people down. So it really depends on what type of person you are! Totally understandable @ThePervySage thanks for letting us know!! :) I appreciate you commenting back on my stuff :D I think you made a good point hurting the "nice guy" I just don't want to ruin them from asking out another girl and putting themselves out there again, ya know?
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It's harder to ask someone out. It takes a lot of nerve and courage to do it and some people reject in ignorant ways
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very true @primodiva93 when you are very vulnerable like that, people can be really mean sometimes...
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100% harder to ask someone out. no competition.
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