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Next morning, You wake up, look up to see Jimin still sleeping peacefully. You get up slowly as you move his arm away from you, You finally got up and move his arm back into postion, pull up the sheets to cover his petite yet manly body.. You walk out of your room and make yourself a bowl of cereal, perferally, Lucky Charms. You walk back with the bowl of cereal into your room, you walk in on Jimin laying on his back as he looks up at the ceiling. He looks towards your directions and he gets up, "Good Morning, Did you sleep well (Y/N)?" You smile as you walk towards the bed and sit beside, "Good Morning and yes I did, Did you Oppa?"
"Yes, Since I had you as my teddy bear.." He whispers as he puts his arm around you, Making you blush. He sees your bowl of cereal, as your eating it he's eye balling your cereal, "Can have I bite?" He asks you shyly. You smile as you pick up a spoonful of the delicousness as he opens his mouth wide for the spoon to fit into his mouth, You see him chewing with a closed mouth smile on his face..When he swallow his food, you can't help it but stare at his throat as his adams apple moves up then down back into position, you felt yourself sweat as he looks back at you,"Thanks Jammie" you look back at him and say, "Jammie? My name is (Y/N).."
"I know, But It's the nickname I'm gonna give you cause people at school always tell me that I have no jams and I try to tell myself that I do but I don't.." You giggle a little as you cover your mouth with your hand, "Well just call me Jams, and Don't worry Jimin, You will find Jams someday..." He laughs at your little joke, he gives you a light flirty push, "Ha Your funny for a girl.." You get all femine and ask him, "What do you mean by like a girl?" He puts out his hands as if you were gonna hurt him, "No No No...(APINK) I meant like..... Most girls I know aren't really funny or they don't understand my sense of humor but with you it's different.... Like your different from the other girls, a good different.."
You felt yourself embarrased as he pets your hair, "Don't be embarrased little one.."
You giggle as he embraces for a side arm hug, he looks at your eyes as you turn to his direction, he puts his hand under your chin. You thought you were about to die!! He leans in closer for a kiss, until, *knock,knock,knock* "(Y/N) what are you doing in there sweetie?" In your mind you realize that it was your mom knocking, "Umm hold on a minute!!!" You yell as you get up immediately as you try to find a spot where Jimin can hide, You shove him into the closet.."Be quiet alright?" Jimin looks up at you, "Alright babe, I'll be here if you need me.." He whispers as he smiles... You lock the door and sit on your bed like normal, "Come in!!" You yell. Your mom opens the door to see you sit there on your phone, "Umm Are you alright? Are you talking to yourself or something? I thought I heard voices?" Your eyes turn to look at the closet and turn back towards mommy. "I'm not talking to myself, I'm watching YouTube videos.."
"Who are you watching?" "GOT7 on weekly idol...I love BamBam he's hilarious.."
"What about that cutie right there?" You see her pointing at Youngjae.. "Mom, he's my bias wrecker, I'm trying to hold in on the feels, don't mention that heart breaker.."
You here Jimin giggling to himself in the closet as your mom gets up and leaves, closing the door behind her. You exhale in relief, "Aisshhhh Jimin you can come out now.." "No!!" "Why not?" "Because you might say something offensive like I came out of the closet..." "I won't oppa..." You walk over to unlock the door and out he jumps on top of you, You fell hard onto your back as you look at him pushing himself up into the push up position, "You know....I like this.." You laugh as you push him off, He picks you up bridal style as he sets you down on your bed. "Tickle fight!!" Jimin yelled.. You turn around in curiousity as you see him pounce on top of you as he tickles your stomach, back, legs etc... You finally push him off next to you, so your laying side by side each other, You felt his hand touch yours, You blush. He holds onto your hand as he looks at you and tells you, "I'm having fun, I should get beat up more often.." You both laugh for the rest of the day as both hold hands....
I won't let you ruin my bias list!!!! My heart belongs to Jung Hoseok!!!!
That was real good馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣if u are making a 3rd part tag me plz
me please?!
He seems more sweet than bad and you are like the best writer, you're so funny! This is so cute馃槀
I swear my heart skipped a beat when the mom knocked on the door.
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