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I guess Oreo thought people were tired of the original cookie flavor and design, as they are going all out in 2016.
Recently, They’ve concocted a cookie with two cinnamon flavored cookies and one icing inner layer reminiscent of Dunkaroos’ icing.
The new cookies don't have the "limited edition" sticker seasonal cookies do, and they weigh 12.2 oz per pack, which is up a lot from the 10.7.
I'm not sure if this is like a cinnabun cookie, or a Dunkaroo Oreo, but people seem pretty excited about the new cookie!
The new cookie is the product of a secret place Oreo is calling “The Wonder Vault.”
Both the Cinnamon Bun Oreo and the Red Velvet Oreo were made available January 18 and Oreo is expected to release a third mystery flavor in the next few weeks.

What do you think? Is this an oreo cookie flavor you will go out and try?

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I hope so!! that sounds really good!
i just got red velvet oreos
how are they @BiancaMason?!
they are so yummy @nicolejb
ugh I need to get those ASAP @BiancaMason my issue is we just got girl scout cookies!