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The heavy hitters in the fast food industry have been at each other's neck on social media over the past couple of months.
Ever since McDonald's started serving breakfast all-day, everyday companies have been at odds on social media. Who thought a ill-timed distribution of a Hash Brown could cause so much drama?
Anyway, the latest beef is between Burger King and Wendy's. This one is odd, but fairly entertaining.

Wendy’s threw a massive dis the way of Burger King when Burger King sub-tweeted Wendy’s 4 for $4 deal.
I have to admit, that response of "Edible food" from Wendy's was DEEP. BK couldn't even respond back to that online. I think it's safe to say that those two companies are officially at odds.

One has to go: Burger King Or Wendy's. Who are you taking?

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um duh, Burger King!
2 years ago·Reply
I love their lemonade too @VeronicaArtino :)
2 years ago·Reply
Wendy's is the winner on nearly all fronts. I do like BKs Whopper and Stacker though, everything elae lacks flavor.
2 years ago·Reply
BOTH! fast food is evil & disgusting
2 years ago·Reply