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This guy is just so freaking handsome!! I can hardly get enough of his uhh...acting, yeah! No, but his acting is really excellent!!! I hope this card leads you to see some of his work, he's just so great and I love him (as much as you can love a person you've never met).

Shut Up Flower Boy Band (2012 -cameo)

When an actor has a 2 episode cameo in a drama and your heart breaks after he's gone, that's THE definition of great acting. He's in the first 2 episodes of this drama and it makes no sense why he wasn't in the rest. He plays the very odd but charismatic lead singer of a band who dons tons of eyeliner. I kept hoping he'd make other appearances but they never came. The k-drama gods were not looking out for us at all!! Side note: the band in this drama gives me serious SQUAD GOALS!! You'll just have to watch to find out. He hasn't been in any dramas since this one, but he's been in several movies. I'll only talk about the one's I've seen

Haeundae (2009)

This movie is about a troll tidal wave that sweeps over Haeundae beach in the south of SK. He plays a very cute coast guard type person, but is not the main character, sadly. He has a wonderful personality in this and it's worth a watch.

Spellbound (2011)

This movie is classified as a Romantic Horror movie. IKR?! He plays a second rate magician who does shows on the street. That is until he meets a girl who is not only unlucky but who has spirits and ghosts following her around. Imagine Master's Sun x100. I laughed and screamed and cried during this movie; it's oddly works really well together. The female lead is the girl from Shark and Personal Taste. This is totally worth a watch, I mean, look at these gifs!! Do you see that pouty lip?? ZOMG!!!

Very Ordinary Couple (2013)

This movie is about, a very ordinary couple. It's nothing like a drama or most movies you've seen. They work together, start dating, break up, fight publicly, get back together, OMG--they're crazy!!! The last two pics are from a fight they were having while at a work dinner (if you look closely you'll see Taek's dad and JungHwan's mom from Reply 1988), IT'S INSANE, but wonderful. Do people really fight like this??

Monster (2014)

People had mixed feelings about this movie, but much like Old Boy or Moebius, this movie has a meaning beyond just the story line. If you don't like movies about murder with tons of gore I DO NOT RECOMMEND this movie at all; you'll throw up. He plays a misunderstood guy whose family (read: scumbags) never appreciated him unless he could give them something, but he loves them anyway. He does a favor for his brother then gets mixed up in a bunch of craziness. The comedic relief in this movie is wonderful and you'll really get a kick out of it.
He broke my heart in HALF in Flowr Boy Band hahahaha
Ahhh Lee Min Ki!!!! My baaaeee
@luna1171 @Kamiamon those are some good comparisons. his facial expressions be on point.
I haven't watch any of these...Gotta get started! Kdrama wait for me!
OMG! ! I like him so much.. I love him..Oh wow " Love Truly " and the movie " Very Ordinary Couple" ..oh and " Romantic Island" .. That movie Monster I started and stop watching it..lol ..but belive it or not what I like the most is his appearance in Nell's Video for The Day Before.. with Song Jae Rim.. Lee Min Ki's expressions just....don't know how to explain and the lyrics. .Oh well..
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