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American Eagles Aerie lingerie has been killing the body positive game for the last 2 years. Their #AerieReal campaign has used absolutely no photoshop or touch ups in their ads since this campaign started and this refreshing attitude from a huge name brand is gaining more and more support from all the females out there. Its the most amazing way to show women and girls around the world that they are beautiful without all the photoshopped perfection!
And now, Aerie has somehow found a way to be even MORE AMAZING!!
Their new installment is featuring plus size model and absolute show stopper Barbie Ferreira who is the perfect role model for girls to look up too. Confident with her size and a breath of fresh air from the typical lingerie models that look very different in undies then most of us do, Barbie struts her stuff and destroys any social standard of "lingerie body".
Check out her sneak peak video below then go out and by yourself some lingerie that makes you feel just as beautiful as she does!

Do you love the new step AerieReal is going in as much as I do?!

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What a cool ad!! Ahh it's nice to see some body positivity in the world of advertising:)
this is great!!!! yay for more steps towards boy positivity
oh ya she really skinny
body positivity+ healthy too 馃憣馃槉
A positive and wonderful ad!