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GOT7 screenshot results!

But why? What did I ever do to you?
Boyfriend and bully? Abusive much...
Ok Yugyeom this is getting weird.
Somehow I can actually see that.
Don't doubt this one either. We can both speak perfect English. Both are from the United States.... It could happen.
Poor Youngjae I suck at projects...
Why are you admiring me in secret if you're my boyfriend?
Hmmm.... Even if you are my best friend I'm not sure how my boyfriend/bully/tutor/secret admirer would feel about that...
Poor JR. that's gotta be a rough time he's just stuck in the middle of our drama.
Well another thing to make us bffs we are close in locker distance 😂 I also feel bad for JB though he probably sees a lot of drama.
So in conclusion... If this were my school life I would be living a DRAMA. Seriously, what is going on between Me, Yugyeom, and Mark? Also BAM BAM is smart he doesn't show up he just hides. 😂😂😂
@ashleyemmert I don't even know
@JaiiPanda how does this even happen?!? Seriously 😂
They don't want to leave
I'm crying right now .. Yugyeom is just stalking you and mark is stalking me
what's the link to the original card. I'll do it
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