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List your favorite 5 songs and why! [Aish! This one is so hard.]
Light Me Up This song is upbeat and makes you want to get up and dance with the members. No matter the day I'm having, this song will always lift me up. I can listen to it, dance along, sing, and no matter what I will have a smile on my face as I do it. It has a beat that's impossibe not to move to. In general it's just an upbeat, cool track that is fun to listen to.
Sad Ending Much like Light Me Up, this song has a melody and a beat that will get you moving and dancing. It fit there concept of fantasy very well, and shows off Vixx's talent in creating concepts and music that fits the intended purpose. It's a pleasant surprise to listen to this song, as the title makes it sound like a slow track but it's quite the opposite.
Hot Enough This track is just as Vixx decribed it if not more, sexy. It has a smooth rhythym that puts the listener at just the right pace to hear the song in its intended style [even if that style is a dirty one.] It's a track that is a nice middle between exciting and slow.
Dont Want To Be An Idol One of my main reasons for picking this track as one of my favorites, is the meaning behind it. It is written about a real event, and describes the troubles and feelings of idols. Leo and Ken's voices express the emotions well without needing to know the lyrics. It's a track I have trouble listening to, due to the raw emotion in it. Despite this, it's still undoubtably one of my favorites that Vixx has done.
Time Machine A nostalgic song, taking listeners back to past events. Unlike previous songs with this concept, this one has a cheery melody. It's more about remembering the happy moments that you have had. It's a song describing the overal beauty of the world, and always leaves me in a good mood after listening to it.