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I'm kinda running out of anime to watch can you guys help out, please? 〒▽〒 Anime I've already watched (not much): Black Butler Noragami Death Note Watamote Tokyo Ghoul (╥_╥) Another Highschool of the Dead Attack on Titan Parasyte Makura no Danshi (accident) Soul Eater Fairy Tail (kinda got boring, sorry) annnnnnnnndddddd last but not least, Boku no Pico lol jk nope almost watched it before I got warned (;゚д゚) ◍
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the devil is a part timer
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Future Diary, Kaichou wa Maid sama, Devil is a part timer, Shiki (Idk it was boring for me but other people like it), Owari no Seraph, Akame ga Kill, Guilty Crown!!, Plastic Memories, Naruto and Naruto Shippuden (of course), Bleach, Gosick, Glass Lip, Golden Time, Nisekoi, Sword Art Online (1st season is the best), and Assassination Classroom... that's all for now
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Infinite Stratos and 11 Eyes r good too
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I would definitely recommend Code Geass. (2 Seasons<25 episodes ea>)(1 sequel...i guess you can call it. <5 episodes in total>the last episode comes out sometime this year) Hauouki. (2 Seasons) (1 side story.. or can call it)<10 to 12 episodes each>(2 movies) Inuyasha. (2 Seasons) first season 167 episodes. second season 26 episodes.
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Sword Art Online is pretty good. I'm still finishing the second season lol
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