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I'm kinda running out of anime to watch can you guys help out, please? 〒▽〒 Anime I've already watched (not much): Black Butler Noragami Death Note Watamote Tokyo Ghoul (╥_╥) Another Highschool of the Dead Attack on Titan Parasyte Makura no Danshi (accident) Soul Eater Fairy Tail (kinda got boring, sorry) annnnnnnnndddddd last but not least, Boku no Pico lol jk nope almost watched it before I got warned (;゚д゚) ◍
the devil is a part timer
Future Diary
it's an anime not cleaning stuff lol
angle beats,detective Conan(805 ep out) kiba (50ep), karneval (really liked) Ao no exorast (26-28), akuma no riddle, Arslan senki TV, Aoharu x kikanjuu, blood lad, black lagoon, baccano ( liked) black Rock shooter ( confusing but loved), chaos head ( confusing at first), Charlotte, dramatical murder, eureka seven, free , gj bu ( good job club), GHOST STORIES, gurren lagann, gugure kokkuri San( love think its cute), hellsing ( like to watch over again along with ) hunter x hunter, love stage, letter bee, magi ( funny little perverted kid), mushishi, merman in my bathtub( ep around 4 min long), owari no seraph, kuro ouji, overlord, punchline, pupa( ep 3 min long), shiki, souleater, sukitte linayo, the irregular at magic high school, usagi drop, vampire knight, wakfu ( not a Japanese anime Its french), world trigger, yumekui merry,
Thanks I shall watch what I can (〜^∇^)〜
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