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Am I the only one that hears a song title and thinks of an another kpop song with the same title? Let's look at examples shall we? @DianaRocha @JohnEvans @thePinkPrincess @UnnieCakesAli @ninjamidori @tinafalcon22 @AmberFranco @reyestiny93 @MomoChamie Sorry if I didn't tag you, most people probably don't care about my other posts just my fan fictions...
Everytime I hear Hello, Every thinks of Adele but me and my kpop friends think of the pretty boys, SHINee
Stay with me is a beautiful song but I prefer Kpop because thta's just what I'm into but I can still jam(Jiminnn>.<) out to Sam Smith.
Same thing with Bad Boy by Cascada, I think of BigBang because they're life!!
Same thing with, "Dope". Sorry Gaga I love BTS more they are my bias group and I guess you better goo goo gaga out of here.... *facepalms*
@ninjamidori Neither did I >.<
I didn't even know Lady Gaga had a song called Dope XD
@JessikaLuna xD well that could have just been your username lmao
@otakukpopgirl haha nice to meet you too well Im Jessika obiviously....
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