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K-Pop Or School??: The Ultimate Decision
Let's face it when it comes down to it school and K-Pop don't mix. Which leads us to an important decision my fellow fangirls......


Leave your opinion in the comments below after seeing what each choice has to offer ^.^


-Awesome Music
-Hot Guys (LIKE SERIOUSLY!!!!)
-Lots of Friends
-Extreme Fangirling



What Do You Choose?? I believe in moderation in both but come on lol.....

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K-Pop. unless you listen to k-pop while you do your school work/homework. them if you start dancing everyone will look at you like you are crazy. my old school use to let use listen to music while we did our work as long as they couldn't hear it.
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Im planning on going back to school but even then i still choose KPOP!!!!
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when I lived in Korea it was kpop, when I came back to states it's a rewarding system of finishing work an reward with kpop (aka hot guys & good music!!!)
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I say both! But let's be honest and come to reality... You're paying for college so why not put more effort in school. I'm just saying.. that's my opinion.. (Ps sorry I'm late to this card! This week has been so hectic with school and all :P)
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That's why I'm laying in bed looking up the cards on here lol Damn! I'm hungry! If I get up I have to do school work 馃槱
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