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That's right, everybody! The Lovebugs have a new support team member... introducing the one, the only,

Give her a hand, ladies and gentlemen! And make sure to head over and read her self-introduction here.
Our new Question Master is here to help you out with your dilemmas and give advice to those with troubles! And she can guess your Myers-Briggs personality type in a single bound. ;D
Please give her a warm welcome! :D
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You may call me Oracle @Chrisingularis :) but only if I get to predict your future!!
2 years ago·Reply
thank you :D @ZoilaObregon
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb wait what? Can you predict my future though? Hmmm?
2 years ago·Reply
THE ORACLE HAS SPOKEN @Chrisingularis :P lol i kid.
2 years ago·Reply
For the fun, you should predict that @nicolejb
2 years ago·Reply