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This weekend was a brutal one for those on the East Coast, but also for those across the world! China and parts of Europe also experienced a pretty intense snow storm.
Though the cold is sometimes the worst part of winter, you can't deny how beautiful snow and ice is. It's my favorite part of snowfall, being able to enjoy the images it makes.
For all those out there in the cold-- Stay safe and warm! And for all those in the warmth, enjoy these amazing pictures of what you are missing out on ;)

Cars covered in snow on the East Coast!

The beautiful lights reflecting on the glacier in Iceland.

A white weasel spotted in Montana.

Travelers exploring a frozen waterfall in China.

A street-performer in New York City looks back on a snow-covered Times Square!

Images from: Nat Geo, and The Atlantic

What is your favorite part of snow/winter?!

The warmth of another person, fires, blankets, warm drinks, cuddling. Staying inside, or exploring a beautiful, snow covered landscape almost as if for the first time, everytime. Dead bugs lol.
Hahahaha YES NO BUGS @SAMURXAI I like being able to watch it inside with a warm drink and a good movie to watch too. @InPlainSight lol get out of here Australia :P
I had a great time running around in the snow XD some of the cars in my neighborhood still look like that
My favorite part is watching it from afar!