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Truths About Abuelas Explained in 9 GIFs
Abuelas are the best.

1) She still turns up with her sisters.

2) She'll tell you what's up and that she is the mother fuckin' princesa!

3) Her knee troubles stop when reggaeton comes on. GET IT ABUELA!

4) She be getting turnt up and you wonder how she can hold down her liquor so well!

5) And sometimes she says some sh*t that you don't wanna hear...

6) She's pouring with wisdom.

7) She makes sure she got your favorite food on deck.

8) She's always on fleek.

9) She gives the BEST hugs.

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Awww these are sooo true!
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These are adorable!!! Dude that first abuela with the cigarro is KILLING IT.
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb I so agree ^_^
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