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I saw Monsta X on MAMA and I've repeatedly watched Rush cuz I love that song. I can say that I like the member in the center with his hand over his mouth and the one with the pink cap on the right, but I'm not familiar enough to tell the members apart.

Can someone please tell me who is who?

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The guy in the middle is Minhyuk and the member in the pink cap on the right is Hyungwon
2 years ago·Reply
@ARMYStarlight @JustinaNguyen Thank you both. Now I'll hopefully be able to differentiate each member in their other videos
2 years ago·Reply
@ciabri22 You are welcome its hard at first but you will remember their could look at their show called 'Right Now' to get to know their faces a bit more
2 years ago·Reply
@ARMYStarlight I'll look into the show. Thank you. Usually I can pick out a member then figure out who's who, but for some reason I just couldn't do it with Monsta X. And I feel really bad about it cuz I love Rush and Trespass, but I couldn't find a familiar face to recognize.
2 years ago·Reply
@ciabri22 Its okay it happens!!
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