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I didn't have time last week so I had a week to make up!
I'll gladly share my love with you guys. This man is such a good actor that I just can't even with him. Seriously. People shouldn't be allowed to be this beautiful!

SungKyunKwan Scandal (2010)

Uhhh...talk about second lead syndrome! His character is this was so freaking wonderful and HE LOVED HER FIRST!!! Hate it when that happens. He was so caring and protective even after he saw her naked!!! The feeeeeelsss.
It's possible you didn't recognize him in this because of the long hair and beard (smexy!)

Fashion King (2012)

This drama gave me serious anxiety and I had no outlets or sympathetic friends at the time so I just had to be devastated on my own which lead to drinking problems (nothing funny about that, but I'm just that much more grateful for you guys!!)
He plays a genius fashion designer who starts with nothing, goes through insane hardship, and comes out to be on top. There are gangsters, chaebols, long lost loves, and tears. Lots of tears in this drama, mostly shed by me as I'm watching this insanity unfold before my eyes. I'm so upset about the ending of this drama that thinking about it makes me want to cry a little. You have to see it to understand, seriously. The angst and anxiety is serious!!!!!

Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love (2013)

Oh my Historical Drama. This drama is AMAZING!! So very well acted. He plays a king during the Joseon Dynasty who is very smart and calculating. I did feel bad for the second lead, because, dang dude. If you'd like to learn more about Joseon fashion, this is a good drama for that, randomly, lol!! BUT IT'S SO FREAKING GOOD! I think that because some of the drama has to do with fashion, the colors in this drama are so very beautiful. Just trust me, watch this!

Secret Love Affair (2014)

Currently re-watching this one! Are you tired of me yet? THIS DRAMA IS WONDERFUL!! (how about now, lol!!) You can read a vague description here, but I just want to use this box to say how lovely, precious, sweet, candid, sexy, beautiful, and amazze-balls this drama is. The feels get me every episode. I just can't even!! How did they make him look so young and innocent???? Where is the swoon emoji??????????? Innocent in the drama but look at that spread from ELLE mag...ZOMG!!!!! It's not really a noona romance as much as it's an ahjumma romance...eeekkkkk!!!!!!! I can't control the feels on this one, guys! The feels that I feel just thinking about watching more of this drama again....I'm unable to can (that's not a typo!!)
I expose some of my very personal issues on this card. Sorry about that! I just...le sigh. I'm an emotional wreck after writing this. Instead on continuing to re-watch Secret Love Affair on Netflix I'm gonna hop on over to DramaFever b/c they sent an email saying they put up Friend2 with Kim Woo Bin....later y'all!
Live in love is on my list...good choice friend!!
Omg I seriously gotta catch up on Kdrama ><
He's just so gorgeous! And such a great actor ❤
@Kamiamon aaaw thanks..
@luna1171 I'm here for you. If you're like me and you randomly think about it and have to talk to yourself outloud in public to prevent an anxiety attack, just know you can message me
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