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Tina Fey Is Back With New Hilarious Sarah Palin Bit

I can see Alaska from my house!

Tina Fey is back and she's not holding back in this SNL skit. Fey once again plays the role as Sarah Palin re-enacting Palin's recent speech on behalf of presidential candidate Donald Trump. Fey is killer in this sketch because many of the script she's using is direct quotation from Palin herself. As usual, SNL is strictly a parody television show mocking the most recent news stories and pop culture. Fey has been playing Palin for years and we're looking forward to many more skits to come.
What are your thoughts on the skit?
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Cosplaying while black: are we making our communities unsafe for nonwhite members?
It's all fun and games. Until it's not. I've mentioned Marvel's race problem before, but the truth is the problem is everywhere. There are very few positive representations of people of color in the media today. Some of this is because those in charge of casting, writing, and producing the media we love are almost all white. There are about three nonwhite people in America for every nonwhite character we see on screen, and of those characters, how many of them get screentime or character arcs that don't pidgeonhole them in a stereotype? If you don't think there's a problem, you might want to look again. These problems are psrt of fandom too. Since the media we're celebrating is flawed, it's extremely difficult for us to avoid internlizing the harmful messages that we consume. It's not somehing that can be done passively- it takes real work. Chaka Cumberbatch has been a cosplayer for years, and has been the target of harassment because she cosplays as characters that aren't black like- she is. It's not like she has a lot of options- how many black female characters can you name off the top of your head? Storm, Princess Tiana- she's built some amazing costumes for these characters. But why should Hollywood's diversity problem be hers? The underlying message feels very much like: "This isn't for you, you're not welcome here". Why would anyone want to send that kind of message to a fellow fan? In an interview with HaveYouNerd, she mentioned that even people who didn't overtly exclude her could sometimes make her feel like she didn't belong: "Sometimes, you’ll run into some tokenism, or people will start to get a little too comfortable with you – and it’s always painfully awkward because then it’s like you’re forced to walk this tightrope between sticking up for yourself and forcing the group to have an uncomfortable conversation about race, stereotypes, and why the things they’re saying are problematic. I’ve had times when I was hanging out with a group that was predominately male, that I was accused of “playing the race card,” “overreacting” or “taking things too seriously...” Fandom, we need to do better than this. We need to make our fellow fans of color feel like they're in a safe environment, where they can voice their discomfort and not have their feelings dismissed. Where they can come out and have fun and not worry about being tokenized or harassed. We get so enthusiastic over every new trailer release- why can't we show cosplayers of color the same enthusiasm? We freak out every time nerds are misrepresented in the media, but we can't be bothered to stand up for our fellows when they feel attacked or hurt? And before you say that it's "just about hurt feelings" (like feelings don't matter!?), consider this... On September 10th, 2014, Darren Hunt was shot and killed by the police. While the initial report suggested he had been "lunging towards officers", witnesses and the autopsy confirmed that he had in fact been going in the opposite direction. He was shot in the back. Furthermore,, he was still in costume from a character cosplay. He had a toy sword with him. The police shot an unarmed black man, and they blamed their mistake on his cosplay. Part of making our communities safer needs to include effort to make the WORLD we live in a safer place. It should never be acceptable for the police to recklessly commit homicide like this, but we've seen this story repeating over and over again. Darren Hunt was a fellow fan, but the silence from fan communities was deafening. We're fans. We love heroes in capes that swoop in to save the day when all hope is lost. It's an escape. The thing about escaping into fantasies (like we do with films and comics and tv shows), is that all the problems of the real world follow us there. As nerds and as fans, we have no excuse when we ignore the very real problems our fellows face because of their race (or their gender, their sexuality, or the size of their bodies). Silently ignoring the problem, or taking a "neutral" stance does nothing to help the people endangered by racism. All it does is give more power to those whose actions are deliberately harmful. We as fans need to do so much more to make our communities safer. We need to educate ourselves. We need to demand more diverse guests and panels at our conventions, vocalize your support for fans of color (not talking over them, but listening to their needs and adding your voice to theirs), support writers that are diversifying their work, and advocating for change when the systems that are supposed to be protecting us are applying uneven, brutal force against people of color. We need to listen. If you're still scratching your head, just ask yourself: what would my favorite hero do?
Makeup Artist Draws Kim Kardashian On Her Chin
If you think Michael Jordan crying meme is hilarious, the Kim Kardashian one is twice as funny. As much as we love Kim K, she will never get out of this one -- ever. Let's be honest, her cry was monumental and quite hideous -- then again, who really has a lovely looking smile anyway? While Michael Jordan has been getting the most shine lately for his crying meme, it didn't take long before someone came along and put the infamous Kim Kardashian meme on the map. You've seen it on blogs, you've seen it on cellphones, and you've even seen it on shirts, but have you ever seen it on someone's chin? If not, today happens to be your lucky day. A talented makeup artist decided it would be cool if she drew cry baby Kim on her chin and believe it or not, it actually came out looking rather amazing. You cannot tell me that makeup is not a form of art. Laura Jenkinson is a makeup artist known for recreating images on her chin using her ever so amazing makeup skills and if you thought this was pretty awesome, just wait until you see her Donald Trump drawing -- yikes. In the meantime, keep scrolling and check out the images below. How epic is this? Looks just like Kim. Seriously. Of course, you can't have Kim without Kylie and her new lips. Amazing! Looks just like Jay-Z. Big lips and all. He has that same sinister look he always has on his face. Donald Gump. Ooops, I mean't Trump. Hey Everyone, look it's Finn from Adventure Time! And of course, I had to save the best for last and for @alywoah. Tacos! How amazingly odd are these works of art? Which one is your favorite? @alywoah @danidee @humairaa @cindystran @sophiamor @buddyesd @marshalledgar @YourConscience @shannonl5 @TessStevens @MyAffairWith @EasternShell @Cle1 @jazziejazz @primodiva93 @stephosorio @LizArnone
If Your Favorite Pop Star Was A Pokémon Gym Leader
Leader: Rihanna Badge: ANTI Badge Special Move: Diamond Storm What's her name? Leader Rihanna! If you're looking for love in a hopeless place, Rihanna will let her Pokémon do all of the talking. Leader Rihanna is known for shining bright like a diamond with Fire and Dark Pokémon types. First she'll make you stay, then she'll give you four to five seconds to recover, and then she'll take her bow after she destroys you. You'll have to work work work work work work to beat this woman of Disturbia. Leader: Britney Spears Badge: Venom Badge Special Move: TOXIC It's Britney, b*tch. You want a piece of her? Be aware, Leader Britney may seem like a womanizer but she'll hit you baby one more time. Leader Britney loves her special move, TOXIC which will make you wanna go until the world ends. Her ending line when she beats you is, "Oops, I did it again." The gym is like a circus as her Pokémon are practically her slaves. But after all, don't hold it against her. Leader: Beyoncé Badge: Alliance Badge Special Move: Blue Flare Who run the world? Leader Beyoncé! Listen, Queen B is known for her fighting Pokémon who will show you that her badge is the best thing you never had. You'll fall crazy in love with trying to beat her but Leader Beyoncé puts her love on top calling out all of the single ladies proving that pretty hurts. Can you see her halo? Don't get an ego if you do happen to win because she's flawless. XO Leader: Adele Badge: Crying Badge Special Move: Mind Reader Hello, it's Leader Adele. We all know that you're looking for that hometown glory but Leader Adele with her normal Pokémon isn't going to let any water under the bridge. When you are young, it's easy to think there's someone like you. However, rumor has it Adele makes her competition roll in the deep, watch the sky fall as she sets fire to the rain and she will take it all. You'll be the one chasing pavements as you run to escape from her turning tables. Don't worry, she'll try to make you feel her love even though she can't make you love her if you don't. Good luck. Leader: Sia Badge: Wig Badge Special Move: Heart Stamp You'll definitely feel alive when you meet Leader Sia. The Dark, Ghost, and Psychic Pokémon Reaper will show you that Big Girls Cry. This is the gym where fire meets gasoline, an exotic experience where Sia frequently hangs from a Chandelier as she triumphs over the battle. Don't worry about your elastic heart, you can try again for another opportunity. Just know you've been changed.
What Do The Protests in Seoul Look Like Now?
This past Friday the Korean Constitutional Court (think of it as the US Supreme Court) ruled unanimously that Park Geun Hye should be officially impeached. Since most of the country wanted this (at her lowest I think she has a 10% approval rating) there were massive celebrations in the streets. There were musicians, free food stalls, and fireworks. Now of course there are plenty of (mostly elderly) people rioting and claiming that this is the end of democracy (when really its just an example of democracy working...) but they are in contained areas surrounded by police. As far as I know 2 people died and many more are injured but its been due to violence by the pro-Park side (for example, the rioters were trying to flip over a police bus and knocked over a speaker which fell and killed an elderly man who was part of the riot...) I walked through the celebration area the day after the announcement if you'd like to take a look and hear the sounds. Skip to 4:20 unless you want to see my friends new cafe opening party haha :) If you could all do me a really big favor: Please give this video a thumbs up on YouTube here. People have been leaving incredibly nasty comments targeting myself and my family (I have deleted and blocked most of them) and this video now has some of the most down-votes I've ever had on a video :/ That would really mean a lot! Thank you ㅠㅠ Korea now has to vote for a new president so that will be starting as we speak :)