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Q: The Long Distance Struggle Is Real

It’s nobody else’s question but mine today, folks.

Have any of you guys ever tried to do the whole distance thing? I’m in the process right now, and I’ve gotta say... it’s not a ton of fun. Anybody who’s ever done distance can tell you that, I guess.
For me, it’s a special kind of difficulty. The kind that makes me feel sort of wobbly within the relationship. Not as secure in everything as I'd like to be. Does that make sense? I mean, we started long distance, and have spent about two weeks together, total, since we started dating.
It’s weird! To be so crazy about someone, and spend so much time thinking about them, and yet never see them in person. It’s like dating an idea or a voice or an image, instead of a human.

My question is basically this: how can I make long distance more tolerable?

Can you guys suggest any strategies to make being in a long distance relationship easier?

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Having a long distance relationship is very hard but if you both work hard and put in enough time it might work out. I was in a long distance with my bf for 7 months. We were together for 4 months before that. I met him in my hometown we were going to college together but he wanted to go back home and go to school in his hometown. If course I wanted him to do whats best for him. It was the hardest thing I ever went through. It made it worst when we would visit each other and stay for the weekend and then had to leave each other again. Its not for everyone but if you both have a goal in mind then be in good spirits about it even though it sucks sometimes. Hang in there! How we kept our relationship alive was through Skype, texting, cute couple apps through android , and since we were a gaming couple we also played online together on ps4. I just moved to his hometown and got a apartment with him about 2 months ago and we are doing great 😊 We still game together. I feel like being long distance made us appreciate each other more and was able to get to know each other a lot more than it would if we didn't go through that.
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Sorry @AlloBaber , it's never worked for me in the past so I really couldn't offer you anything that helpful, seeing as my longest lasting distanced relationship was around two months. It's certainly not easy. But in some cases it can work out, depending on whether or not they're the right one for you. Just try to hang on and hopefully it will get better. Sorry my advice probably isn't very helpful, but I hope that things work out for you!
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hello @AlloBaber , im actually in the same place as you. its doesnt look like something totally easy so far but the way i see it he's worth it. ive never believed in looking for love or forcing love, he just appeared in my life one day and ive been so much happier ever sinse. what is meant to be will be, if he is like noone youve ever met before try your hardest to make it work. if he makes you feel complete then it is worth it.
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Been there. Done that. Never again.
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I know it has been said many times, but Long Distance really isn't for everyone. My boyfriend and I met online and we've been dating for a year and 3 months. In all of that time we have only been able to be together 4.5 weeks. He's in Ireland, and I'm in the US so flights are typically $1000 and it's hard to find time when we are both off of school. But all-in-all, I wouldn't give up our relationship for anything. To me, any wait is worth it when it comes to spending time with him. I almost just spent $700 to get him on a flight to be here when he's off school for a week during valentines day. And although I didn't, we decided instead that he would come to accompany me at my senior prom. If you are having difficulty seeing your relationship as worth it, it just may not be for you. And that's perfectly fine. To keep my relationship alive, we skype every day, We send eachother things for every holiday, we text eachother when we are out and about to let the other know that they are on our mind. It's all a bunch of little things. You can make it work if you really want it to. And in the end, long distance can really help a couple bond and make the relationship so special. Good luck to you and yours!
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