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Hello, Rick & Mortians!

It's another beautiful day on planet Earth, dimension C-137, and I think it's about due time for another Rick & Morty fan club card!
Also shout-out to @JonelleBlanc, the R&M newb of the week.
Today's card focuses on news, news, news, breakfast toast, news, and Bernie Sanders.

In The 'Rick & Morty' Vinglesphere:

@DavidPap and @clobbersaurus both made awesome R&M-themed cards this week that deserve some love if you have yet to check them out yourself: Random Extra Rick and Morty by @clobbersaurus: A YouTuber kindly animated an improv scene done by the Rick & Morty cast last Comic-Con. Hilarity ensues.
A Few New. by @DavidPap: A quick, new addition to his Pocket Mortys collection that features two new Pocket Mortys that he's currently way into.

In The 'Rick & Morty' News:

Three major rumors have been circulating regarding season 3 of the show:
- The possible return of Evil Morty?
- Pocket Mortys could influence what happens next for Rick on the show?
- Rick being stuck in prison will almost instantly be resolved in Season 3 Episode 1?
Granted, these are all just RUMORS, so don't yell 'Spoiler alert!' at me. What do you guys think about them though? Would these be good changes or crappy changes?

On The 'Rick & Morty' Internetz:

- The creators of R&M just spoiled the end of season 2 for a bunch of 'fans' who are still stalling finishing the series thus far.
- Issue #6 of the R&M comic book series has officially dropped this week. (Do any of you read it? Would any of you be down to read it? LMK.)
- And lastly........


One of my friends forwarded me to this Which Rick Are You? quiz after she got Doofus Rick. I ended up taking it and getting Bubble Gum Rick.

Which Rick are you guys? Take the quiz and comment!

Alright, that's all for today! Peace among worlds!
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@clobbersaurus I'm thinking about starting them soon. HMMM..
@danidee no I got the scientist know as Rick Hahahah I found it kinda funny cuz I never really listened to prince 馃槸 maybe it's a sign saying I sound get on it...
Personally I would love to see Evil Morty come back. That would be sick. Would like to see Rick stuck in jail for a bit longer though. I know he's a genius and probably already had a plan to escape when he got caught but still I feel like they could go pretty far with him in prison as part of the conflict.
@danidee I can't lie I found them online and read them last night. probably buy them once I get some cash
I got doofus Rick