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So I've recently been able to finally hear one of Got7's songs and If You Do dragged me into the bandwagon DX I love it! The lyrics to the dance to the concept.. I loved it all!! However I had one problem everyone has.. choosing a bias!!
From the first time ever seeing it I thought this guy would be my bias.. his voice is amazing!! I'm not too sure on his name though /: BUT when I played the next video.. that's where they lost me..
I can't choose between Mark! He was a side guy who also got me into the group with his deep voice in If You Do <3 however in just right gah I can't XP
Or Bam Bam!! He is so freaking adorable!!!!! I want to hold him squeeze him and pick him up!!! Gah!!! He was also another I liked in IYD ): I need help X(
I decided to love all of them. That's why they are GOT7 because I got 7 bias.
I wouldn't be able to help you much bc I have changed my bias since I started got7... And I get you bc its so hard to choose one they are all amazing... My bias is Jackson ( well he is my ultimate bias)
@CyanJRincon it is!! I'm a sucker for foot work lol
I like all of them that's my bias. I gave up trying to pick one lol. But yea if you do really like ugh no works just sexy as hell
I understand (: it's just when I think I have a type it doesn't follow through most of the time. In the beginning I loved rappers! But then I got into the lead vocals and so on so forth. But when I get the chance I'll definitely look up those videos ^_^
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