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so yeah I was tagged by the lovely @luna1171 to participate. if you want go to the original card here -》
can totally see that...
awe I mean he's adorable.
I mean I need help with some of the languages I learned like French and spanish. This is why mark probably bullies me.
we probably joke around a lot trying to prank everyone or trying to stop them but we take the blame..
of course my boyfriend would be my best friend as well
well you know he will get an A being my project partner...he will have to do nothing
I thinking he develops a crush because of all the a As he gets being my partner
he is probably my date because Jr has a new drama or movie he is filming
this is when Mark bullies me (funny story I got him for all 3 and had to do it over then I got the make for 2) and this probably when JB and I get detention...
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thank you for tagging me I can't wait to do it