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Hello Vingle Video Games Community!
I've been hanging out in this community for a few weeks now and just wanted to introduce myself to you all wonderful Vinglers! ^_^
My name is Pooja and I've been playing video games for a couple years now. It all started when a friend introduced me to Steam and then LoL. LoL has been fun but I mostly only play with friends since the bigger LoL community is not very...nice, haha. Besides that I mostly play indie and horror games on Steam. These days I just watch Let's Plays since school keeps me busy. I've been on Vingle for quite a while now (used to be Mod over at Anime and also hangout in the Kpop, Kdrama communities) and I genuinely enjoy the time I spend on here talking and getting to know you all!
I look forward to getting to know all of you and making some awesome new friends. :)
Tagging the people I've seen around the community! Hi everyone~
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@poojas welcome to the Winchester family also lol
Haha it's good that you've been exploring :D Ghibli Films are still my favorite ^^ @poojas
Hello my friend!! ^_^
Yay @poojas you rock :D