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i love the decor of this living room and especially the loft, i can hang out there all day....even the winding staircase is cool (*_^)
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and how would you clean it though, that ceiling looks pretty high up
@carlosdang How about Mr spidee ? : ) On the other hand, there is an extremely resourceful person in my mind now ... @Saravy you are needed here. : )))
@oj1992 you always know how to make me lolz, i truly love yah!!!
Isn't it? Who doesn't love lofts? I adore lofts. Plus, the room just seems so big. As for the chandelier @carlosdang @oj1992 So right. I would not want to try to clean that. @Saravy ? ? Ahahahaha!
@oj1992 I say Nay! Yin's the clean freak, try her! LOL!