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my fav drink, so refreshing....YUMMY!!!
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@oj1992're right, i have pics of my taro bubble tea and red bean, i havent uploaded yet and the hell you know? lolz
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coz you this sugar queenie is always showing us duh ! : )
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i wish i could have one ;)))
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it looks yummy.. and one more thing that caught my eyes is the hands/fingers.. is that yours @cheerfulcallie ? how can i achieve that? lol
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@katieloidlei, paint your nail black first then after a 2nd coat let it dry, then apply the glitter polish on top, any color you desire, i did mines with specks of blue, then finish it off with a top coat, that's pretty much it, real simple.....have fun and let me see yours when you're done (*_*)
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