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awwww yeaaaa ;)
I can see that :)
yepp xD
oh rap mon your always invited xD
friends till the end :p
not of Jin has anything to say about that xD
oh my..
well that my result xD @PrettieeEmm @DestinaBryd @ashlyemmert im horrible at tagging people im sorry :(
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@ashleyemmert Hahaha I can imagine him crashing it and as he sits down for the ceremony his chair breaks xD
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@TaehyungKey seems legit
2 years agoReply
@TaehyungKey I never had mine to begin with but yeah 馃槀馃槱
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@PrettieeEmm hahaha xD
2 years agoReply
@TaehyungKey no tokki wants taehyung even though suga bear ask to marry her
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