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After playing the GOT7 screenshot game I ran across this one. The results are interesting....
Not my first choice but Kookie is adorbs.
Suga my first love....alrighty then...
I've seen you as the wedding Crasher in about 4 other cards! what's the deal, yo?! p.s. you're also supposed to be my that why you crashed my wedding?
awwww.... OK! :)

this is going to end badly!


I told you it would end badly!
@ashleyemmert here are my results. Thanks for posting this game, it was fun!
@KhrystinaLee haha I'm rolling on the floor! Wth JHOPE! And rap mon I swear he wasn't my wedding crashed but he stole a kiss he's just here to mess shit up!
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@Ashleyemmert yeah, JHOPE was out of control! My best friend getting shit faced and trying to make out with me....*sigh*
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