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Sorry for such the long wait. I've been really busy lately and haven't had much time for anything lol. I hope you enjoy <3
You never felt like you were the luckiest girl in the world because in all honesty you were one of the luckiest girls in the world. You had everything that you possibly wanted but nothing could compare to what you actually have, or who you have. You cherished the fact that you had him in your life. You had spent 3 years in a long-term relationship with him and there wasn’t a day where he had failed to make you smile. The highlight of the time you spent with him was being able to wake up beside him and slowly opening your eyes to him beaming up at you.
He had suggested to take you out somewhere to celebrate your relationship, yet you weren’t married and it wasn’t even your anniversary, out of the blue he had just decided to take you out. As you sat in his car, you tried to wipe the fog off the window to make out your surroundings, but it was no use as the fog came back on.
“Hobi, where are we going?” You whined.
“Be patient and you’ll see..” he sang smiling widely.
“Baby, pleaassseee?” You put on a childish voice while batting your eyelashes hoping your aegyo would work on him, usually whenever you did aegyo he would give in but this time he didn't
“Aiisshhh, it’s not going to work... Stop doing that” he imitated your childish tone and you pouted. The more you thought of where it was he was taking you, the more you believed he was taking you to the studio where he wrote lyrics every single day. You adored the lyrics he would write as you saw sincerity in his determination to do well- his determination to do well often inspired you to have the same attitude towards your work. The passion of the every words he spoke could clearly be heard and you felt the honesty in his lyrics. However, you never remembered the route to the studio being this long.
A few minutes passed by and you still had no idea of where it was he was taking you. It’s not that you were bored, throughout most of the ride, you and J-Hope had been singing along to the songs on the radio.
You turned the volume down slightly “Hobi, I need your advice on something.” He hummed in response to let you know he was listening. “So I’ve started taking writing classes because I was inspired by this author who writes this amazing book series. Everything’s been well I’ve been learning useful skills...”
He tried to find a parking space, without keeping his eyes off the road he replies “But?”
You sighed, hesitant to tell him why “But, my teacher told me that I won’t make it far. He said that my writing style wasn’t good, that I’m useless compared to the others studying the course. I pay a lot of money for these lessons only to be criticised... If I’m honest, I’m even thinking about giving up.” He pulled over once he found a good parking space, he looked into your eyes
“I’m not implying that you’re not working hard but don’t give up.” You looked inside your boyfriend's eyes that were now absent of the bright glint they always but now replaced with seriousness.
“Y/N always remember. If you don’t work hard, there won’t be good results.” He smiled and pinched your cheek.
Whenever you felt like giving up he would throw these words at you and you were grateful of his support towards you. His positive outlook on life only motivated you to try harder in always aiming higher and achieving your objectives - your want. The sort of qualities obtained in his personality led you to have an everlasting admiration for him.
He got out of the car and proceeded to open the car door for you to get out, and immediately covered your eyes with his hands.
“Awww don’t you think I deserve to at least take a peek?” you protested.
He chuckled at your remark “Aigoo I'm hurt. Don't you trust me?”
You nodded. It took you faster to figure out where you were even though his hands covered your eyes, your nose wasn’t covered meaning it wasn’t hard to detect where you were. The smell of the mixture of iodine and salt was a massive give away.
You gasped and held up your hand to your face in shock. He had taken you to the beach where you first met.
He slowly took his hands off your eyes “It was supposed to be a surprise...”
You beamed up at him “Then this is the best surprise anyone has ever given me. I love it, and I love you.”
He intertwined his fingers in yours “You don’t need to thank me.” Your grip tightened slightly on his hand and his whole face composed itself into a smile so radiant it could have blinded you.
You were walking on the beach, holding on to each other’s hands, as the whiff of the salty air danced into your nostrils reminding you of the time you first met.
J-Hope looked at you really worried as you were smiling to yourself "What are you thinking of?”
Your hands began to sweat, he didn’t seem to mind even though you found it hard to understand why you were feeling so nervous.
“One of the best days of my life...” you say smiling at him a the slightest tinge of red appearing on your cheeks.
He softly laughed “Oh really? Which one?”
Your cheeks were aching because of how much you were smiling “The first time we met.”
He straightened his back in confidence. “Oh, I already knew that.”
You tilted your head to the side. “How?”
He started swinging your arm “Because I’m your hope and you're mine.”
You rolled your eyes fighting to restrain your laughter. He placed his hands on your waist bringing your body closer to his as you rested you hands on his shoulder, letting him bring you in for a tender kiss. Both of your lips were pressed against each other, resulting into the both of you smiling into the kiss.
Hoseok was never the one to bug you about wanting to have sex, he hinted about it but never did he directly say what he wanted.
Tonight you had just came home from the club with your girlfriends, but decided not to stay for long because even though Hoseok never showed his weaker side to you, you knew that even if he doesn’t show it he gets lonely and sad as well.
“Hobi I home!!”, it was just past 11, Hoseok said that he’d be home from work by then.
“Hoseok?” The lights were on but there was no sight of him in the living room nor the kitchen. You kicked of your painfully uncomfortable heels off and stumbled towards the bedrooms. You called his name again but there was no response, just a dim hallway and the thin slit of light escaping the feet of a door frame, and behind the door you could hear something, not anything that you could hear clearly but definitely something.
You pressed your ear tightly against the door, trying to make out what the sound was coming from. You suddenly heard high pitched moans and deep grunts that definitely didn’t belong to Hoseok. You listened a little more to the moans and the grunts, occasionally changing into cries almost like screams and you realized that the sound wasn’t actually occurring there in the room but behind a computer screen, you occasionally heard Hoseoks grunts that were clearly different to the other. And the steady sound of wet skin hitting against skin was distinctively the sound of masturbation.
Hoseok was jerking off to porn. You tried your best to keep in you laugh, covering your mouth with both hands. The words that came from the video made it even more challenging to keep quiet, repetitive Ooohs and Aaahs seemed hilarious to you at the time maybe from the slight alcohol numbing your brain.
“Ohhh daddy please, hit me harder” The words that came from the girl was the last straw and you couldn’t help yourself but to burst out laughing in front of the door.
Suddenly Hoseok jumped out the room with his pants fixed back on that was seemed to be done in a rush because his fly was unzipped.
“Y/N-ah, your home. What’s so funny?” He seemed in a bit of nervous, perhaps trying to cover up the fact that he was masturbating to a girl other than his girlfriend.
“Oooh daddy please, hit me harder” You imitated the girl in the video as you settled your arms on Hoseok’s neck and watched him go bright red.
“Were you having fun without me daddy?” You found the word ‘daddy’ hilarious so you decided to joke around with it, but you could almost see Hoseok’s irises grow in pleasure. He licked his lips as if preparing to bite onto yours, you had turned him on big time. He pulled your hips in close to his and you could feel his still aroused member turning hard again against your womanhood.
“Do you want to have fun with me then my sexy hope?” It was a question but Hoseok didn’t bother to wait for an answer. The next thing you knew you were pinned up against a wall, your legs wrapped around his waist and both your lips moving aggressively against each others. One of Hoseok’s hands was occasionally smacking your ass and the other traveling up and down your thigh.
Your hands were gripping onto strands of his hair, pulling here and there. Hoseok started walking you towards the bedroom, roughly tossing you onto the bed. He quickly crawled on top of you, standing on his knees, he pulled you up from your hair for your neck to meet his mouth.
As he started adorning your skin with hickeys his hands were busy with undoing your tight party dress. Once he managed to unzip the back of your dress he swiftly unhooked your bra and started playing with your breasts, making you moan like crazy.
Your hands managed to find Hoseok’s body and started to trace his abdomens, all the way down to his pants. You started to unbutton them when Hoseok’s hand grabbed your wrists to stop you.
“Let me be in charge tonight okay?” he smirked quickly and started to undress you completely. Once he got rid of the dress he pulled down your underwear and watched you as he traced your slit with his middle finger, making you jump and your breath hitch.
Without any warning two long fingers intruding your insides, making your legs close but Hoseok managed to pull them apart again, starting to move his hand slowly, gradually growing faster and faster until you were a moaning mess he suddenly pulled away, making you feel almost frustrated.
“Get on all four.” He demanded, you got up and got into position as you were told. Hoseok enjoyed this position, your butt in full view was very pleasing to him. You gasped for breath when his hard member hit the very depth of your inside in his first thrust, but it didn’t stop there, you kept feeling his tip tapping against it with each thrust, deeper and deeper.
You repeated his name as you felt your climax coming close. And from Hoseok’s harsh breaths and occasional grunts you could tell he was close as well. There were almost no words exchanged but moans and gasps intertwining.
He flipped you over at the last second, making you top him, but not letting the movement stop he reached another depth, making you almost lose your sense from how good it felt. You reached down and Hoseok’s lips were smashing against yours and biting your lip and each other’s tongue exploring one another’s mouths. You both moaned and grunted against each other’s lips as you felt him release into you just after you reached your climax.
You both collapsed into bed, side to side “I should call you daddy more often”, you managed to breathe out within your panting.
He leaned over you, kissing your lips softly, making you giggle from the how different and aggressive he was just seconds ago. “I would like that as well.” He giggled with you, falling back into bed again.
You were both exhausted, he pulled you towards him just enough for you to snuggle up against his body. “I’ve never seen you so aggressive...” You whispered into his chest. “I’ve never seen you so attractive.” He laughed out.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You giggled and smacked his chest lightly.
He acted as if the smack had injured him badly and started rolling around in bed complaining how violent you were.
“Come on I’m tired lets get to sleep and shower tomorrow.” You said as you snuggled up to him again.
He wrapped his arms around you and started stroking your hair off your face. “Your always beautiful, you know that right?” he said with the soft smile of his, holding you a little tighter.
You rested your forehead against his chest and started and nod off as you felt a gentle kiss on the top of your head. You looked up to see Hoseok with his eyes closed, getting ready to sleep. You reached up to plant a little peck on his lips as you quickly shuffled back into his arms as you drifted back to sleep.

Okay soooo Namjoon's up next!!!!!! ^.^ And thanks for reading, you guys are awesome <3

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I think I just lost the rest of my innocent mind I had left😭😭
Holy mother of fuck!!!! Whoa!!! Damn just.....Damn!
This is my new favorite bedtime story
holy hobie!!! how can he be so adorable even when being aggressively sexy!... namjoon next? just kill me now a million times lol can't wait
This was good. I enjoyed it very much. AHHH NAMJOON IS NEXT!!! I don't know if I can handle the wait!
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