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Oh snap that guy just got burned by jack. this is a game. it's called shall we date bloodroses+. there's a lot of shall we dates you might like but get the red one not the white one cuz you have to pay for that one. sorry for the long description \/('-')\/
can't wait for Raymonds story to see how that's guna go. (n_n)
Jack was my fave! (^-^) He's so adorable!
played it with alfreds side lol... also have lime 10 others im playing lol my favorites would have to be wizerdess +, midnight cinderella, magic sword, and destined to love and mononoke kiss
I love Blood in Roses! It's my favorite Shall We Date game! Personally, Alfred is my favorite, but I'm super excited to play Raymond's story! I played Jack's story twice and I have to say that was probably the best part.
I picked agg I can remember his name cause I got to the end but didn't have enough sonata points or whatever it is.. I chose blue hair
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