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Today, citizens of California are dealing with a very dangerous matter, as three inmates broke out of a maximum security prison.
Southern California police called on the public's help to find them Sunday, offering $50,000 in rewards and saying they still don't have all the details of the elaborate escape plan.
"We're exhausting every lead that we currently have," Orange County sheriff's Lt. Jeff Hallock said at an afternoon news conference.
Here's what we do know:
-One of the three men is an alleged killer.
-The men managed to get hold of some tools and cut through a quarter-inch-thick metal screen in a wall between some bunks in a dormitory they shared with more than 60 men, then used plumbing tunnels, cutting through additional half-inch steel bars, before making it to an unguarded area of the roof of the four-story building, removing some razor wire and rappelling down using ropes braided from linens, authorities said.
Above is the picture of the inmates. The authorities said that citizens should assume they are armed and dangerous. To all of my fellow Vinglers in Cali, be safe and on the lookout!
Yeah, it's all over the news here. I'm hoping the head in the opposite direction from me and go south!
Oh god that's terrifying!