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Last week, Stacey Dash let loose some comments about BET that went viral on the web.
During a sitdown on FOX News, Dash said she wanted to get rid of BET and Black History Month.
Whoopi Goldberg caught wind of her comments and decided to tackle the issue head on during a segment on "The View."
Goldberg starts off the segment by first asking her co-host what she knows about black history besides slavery. She doesn’t answer but says she knows what she’s taught in school, and what she’s tried to learn herself. Goldberg then explains:
"But the thing is, [black history] is not taught. Asian history is not taught in school as it pertains to America. American history holds all of us, and [Dash] is right in that, yes we are all Americans, but we’re not all treated like Americans. One of the reasons that there is a BET is because networks wouldn’t take a lot of shows that has an all black cast.”

Is Whoppi right on this one? At this point in culture, do we still need platforms like BET?

Do you think that mainstream America will take on a handful of shows with an all black cast?

We do need platforms like BET, because 'regular' stations don't give room for Black actors to be versatile characters. We're either the help or the thug. And when 'regular' stations do give TRY to give versatile roles, they are far-and-between. Growing up, all I learned about black history was about slavery -- and that was even brushed over in lessons. I didn't learn about black people whose inventions changed the world, or black doctors who saved lives, or black women who founded womanism, and why. I didn't learn any of those things until I was in college, and that was because I researched on my own. American history is more than just the stories of the white man who immigrated to the USA- it should also be about about Native Americans. It should also includes those who emigrated from China, India, Syria, Angola, Congo, ect. Because they contributed to the U.S.A history, too. But unfortunately, they're left out of the narrative.
You are Absolutely right, @alywoah!!!
BET is doing something that other networks are refusing to do. If CBS, ABC, the CW, Fox, and all the other networks had shows that depicted a wide range of experiences for POC then BET would no longer be necessary. As of right now they barely have any competition in that regard. Netflix has Orange is the New Black (white protagonist, and it's one show among many), Fox has Empire, ABC has Scandal (which has a majority white cast). For every Fresh off the Boat there's a hundred other shows that focus on the narratives of white people. BET isn't causing the segregation- they're just doing something about it