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There are many factors that go into our decision on if someone else is confident or not. We pick up thousands of body signals that our brains then subconsciously translate into information about that person. And generally, this information is correct. At the same time that you are subconsciously analyzing someone, your body also gives off these cues. Sometimes they are habits that you have formed, and other times they are conscious actions. In this short course, Short Sweet Body Language, I will go over some of the habitats that may impact you negatively in the subconscious analytics of others. ----> Last time I covered crossing your arms. This article will be about your neck/chin. Take a look at the image above and think to yourself, what word would I use to characterize this person? My word is insecure. She is giving of several cues that say solicit her lack of confidence. Her chin is tilted downward and her hand is protecting her neck.
Ask that same question to yourself but this time, use the picture on this block. This picture depicts a very confident woman. And while it is all glamorized and Hollywood glorified, it still depicts the attractive body cues that we like to see in a prospective counterpart. Expose your neck, it makes you look 1000 times better!
@brendanfred good card! The neck are is a vulnerability area. Very true because if you get hit on the neck, it can damage your ability to breathe. Confidence = exposing your vulnerable area
I like it!
Wow yeah @Chrisingularis I never thought of that. There are probably a whole lot of other places on your body we cover when we are feeling insecure for that reason.
Uh this is amazing. haha where do you learn this stuff? I feel like this could be so helpful for things like job interviews too! @fikaocs @TessStevens @Arellano1052 @ChriSingularis
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