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Original Card by @ashleyemmert Check it out here! I nominate @camryncherry @piggelypig and @tacomagicmagic to participate as well.

The Groom: Jin

Jin would be a great hub! I could eat his yummy food, and we all know that he is great with children! πŸ™ˆ

The Best Man: Taehyung

He is so cute! Look at him with his little flower! He would probably be doing something strange during the ceremony, but I would not even be mad! 😝

First Love: Taehyung

The best man is my first love? Uh oh, is that a love triangle right there?

Wedding Crasher: Suga

You can crash my wedding anytime. πŸ˜‰ I am not even mad!

Best Friend: Taehyung

Wow. The love triangle intensifies! I feel like this story is gaining some "Wedding Dress" plot elements!

Drunk the Whole Time: Jungkook

I swear...this kid is of age for not even a month and look at him! Already a party animal!

Stole a Kiss from Me: Jimin

Yes! Jimin! I am 100% okay with this! What wedding? I have never heard of a wedding? I only know Park Jimin... πŸ™Š
@ashleyemmert Oh yes he can! 😝
Jimin can still a kiss anytime with those lips! @Defy24601