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Thanks to the wacky winter weather that's been keeping me indoors, I've become more and more reliant on my Netflix account. I've marathoned all the seasons of Masterchef, heavily abused the international film section, and made quite the impressive queue of stand-up comedy specials I know I need to watch.
As the resident 'Netflix nut', I've decided to post a My Reaction When card responding to all the major changes happening to Netflix in February - both the shows and movies we need to finish by the end of January and the ones I'm excited are coming in soon!


How could you do that to one of the largest fandoms in the world, Netflix? Y'all are some savages. Right, @arnelli? SAVAGES.


You guys, 'Teen Witch' is by far the best after-school special movie of all time - and Netflix is adding it! If you haven't seen it, YOU MUST. @ButterflyBlu, BACK ME UP.

'Jesus Camp' was on Netflix this entire time?

So, I guess if you want to watch a documentary where a director takes one religious subgroup of crazy and edits it in a way to make it look like everyone who follows that religion is crazy, you only have a little time left! Hooray!

They're adding TALLADEGA NIGHTS!!!

I feel like this is the only Will Ferrell movie I HAVEN'T seen, but all of my friends love quoting it ("Don't you put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby!"), so finally FINALLY I can also be in the know. Has anyone else seen this?

Netflix officially hates Pokémon.

So apparently, on February 2nd, five Pokémon movies and two Pokémon TV shows are all being removed from the site. Damn, homies. I don't know about any of you, but if I were Pikachu, I'd be taking that ish PERSONALLY.

The first season of Fuller House is here!

Is anyone else just waiting for this to be the world's biggest TV disaster? I feel like it would be really, really difficult to bring a show back and have it be nearly as successful as it used to be. (However, that Boy Meets World reboot still exists, so I digress.)

So there's my Netflix picks moving in or moving out in the next coming weeks.

I hope you enjoyed my reactions, and if you agree or disagree, sound off in the comments below!
No DOCTOR!!! Those barbarians!
Wtf?! DOCTOR WHO and Pokemon? Netflix wth!! But Teen Witch is awesome! Lol I still have that on VHS somewhere. Man, it's been a while. Lol. @danidee
@SarahSutcliff YOU GOT YOUR GRANDMA INTO ANIME??? @MelissaGarza I have no idea either. I feel like there's a ton of other shows I'd bring back before Full House lol.
@arnelli let's do this @arnelli we shall bring war to netflix mobilize the army we shall exterminate them
if it makes you feel better Pokemon and Doctor Who are on Hulu
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