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Awww Namjoonie I've been waiting for you to ask me to marry you
He is a really good friend to both me and Namjoonie. He always gave us hope when we were down.
Well it's awkward. Because I married his bestfriend...
He crashed it because he was jealous of how I looked because I looked like a better princess than him on that day.
Me and Suga have been through alot together. He is like my older brother I've never had.
God he was like EXCUUUSSEE MEEE!!! The whole damn time and kept on interuptting the ceremony.
He still had feelings for me before I was married I went to my car and he forcefully kissed me. I slapped him so hard it echoed.
what test is this?
@ashleyemmert yepp!! im glad you like it
Haha you got a whole scenario!
Go to my page you'll find it there! 😍@AnnaArai
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