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Hello Nakama, sorry about this late card but in lieu of {Manga Monday} I wanted to post about this cute and relatable manga by Ema Toyama. This manga was written in 2007-2008 in five volumes but translated 19 chapters in the US into two volumes.
Sumino Hikage is just your average middle school student...except.. she has trouble being the invisible girl. She is soo nervous and shy, and she has a real trouble having the courage walking into the warm light. But with the help of Black Rabbit and Mega Pig on her blog, she slowly gains the strength and courage to actually become friends with the most popular boy, Hinata-kun.
When she has the strength to talk to Hinata-kun, a whole new world opens up. But in order to be friends she realizes that she will be bullied. And Teru-kun, Hinata's best friend, helps Sumino-san out and gives her encouragement and support. No heres the question: Who does she end up with? X) I can't tell you.. you gotta read it!
The Sunflower holds a huge significance and symbolism to Sumino. I think she has learned to grow from admiring and helping her sunflower grow.
This manga is all about growing up and makimg friends and getting out of your comfort zone. Finding someone who is willing to do anything for you and be your friend makes all the difference. Dont be afriad to make friends! You are NEVER alone! Enter the warm light and youll be surprised by how amazing it feels to be noticed and cared about. I always say one smile and hello can make the difference in someone's life and dont be afraid to take that leap of faith. You may meet and get to know your best friend for life or maybe the love of your life X3
well lemme know if you have read it! Did you enjoy it? I love it soo much! I recommend if you like cute school manga and a story of a character that maybe is going through or went through a similar school life as you. I can relate so much to Sumino. I mean people knew my name but I still have trouble being notice sometimes haha XD @InVinsybll @VoidX @Danse @hikaymm @TylerDurso
omg I love this manga, it's too freaking cute!
@KarraHill @AlexTalley I know right?! it is sooo good I wish there were more volumes tho.. :c
Love it want more
@tbell2 yesss
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