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Didn't see this coming
Not who I expected but no complaints, from wrecker to boyfriend. *please, please, pleaaasssse don't let Jackson show up*
Damn it! Me: Why?? Why?? Fates: Because it's amusing Brain: Look at Jackson Me: *stares at feet* Nope, nope, nope! Just here to study!
Really!?!? How strong do you think I am??
Me: Aaahhhh! I see you fates, I see you Fates: Yeah it's what we do
Jackson: What are you doing? Me: Building your friend zone box Jackson: That's not our project Me: It is now Jackson: Why? Me: For my sanity
Tutor, detention buddy, project partner, it all makes sense now. Me: Fates have a Snickers Fates: Why? Me: Because you meddle with & torture me when you're hungry.
Only because JB was sick & insisted I still go. JB: We can't both miss prom, go make memories with our friends for both of us. I'm sure Jackson would take you if we asked him. Me: *mumbles* I'm sure he would.
Whew! Survived prom & JB is well again. Jr. makes an appearance at the lunch table & sits next to Jackson.
The bully thing makes sense now. He wasn't really a "bully", he was looking out for his hyung. Aww! Sweet!
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yugyeom is such a bully haha.. I guess Jackson can teach you forgein languages