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So I finally decided to make a card! My first card and it's about my BTS Husband, Taehyung! I just love these screenshot games for some reason and @ashleyemmert tagged me in this one!
The man waiting down the aisle for me. V.
Hobi! I can see it. Him and V seem pretty close. I bet his best man speech will be hilarious and filled with dancing and cuteness.
Rap Monie. It's funny because while I love him to pieces, I feel like we'd be friends nothing more. Hmm...
Now I don't know why Kookie wouldn't be's because he's my bias isn't it? Oh my!
The best man and the bestie. He's a busy guy. I feel like we'd be really compatible though his high energy would get on my nerves from time to time lol.
Drunk the entire time with that sweet smile on his face! Oh Suga. I bet he's a funny drunk.
Well since he was drunk, I guess I'll let it slide?! I don't know?!
Well I must say I am digging my new husband ;). This has been fun! Who is waiting down the aisle for you?? Let me know!
Lord tae smh
@QueenLee right? And then he woke up in time for the speeches and just had to steal mic and start drunkenly rambling haha
I bet he got drunk & passed out & missed half of the wedding πŸ˜‚