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Ok so I'm in KPOP College, they are not yet an official school but I still enrolled. I'm still a high schooler but that didn't matter they still let me in. KPOP college is online and if you visit their website it will tell you about them.
But here is my big problem, what about really school? My grades are not so hot and my parents are mad at me about them but I really don't have a good excuse as to why they are low. So I'm going to tell you my grades, please be nice about you comments. So I have 2 A's 2 C's and 2 D's
Since the grade are low, I don't think i would be able to apply for a college in Korea. Unless you guess think I can; if so please tell me which College/University would. Thank you guess for reading this. If you could help, that would be great.
@KathyCrew I understand the struggle😩😩😩 I go to a college prep school and I swear the only thing in their vocabulary is homework
I mean if you work hard enough to get up ur c and d and show constant improvement they can't deny you... i think
@ParkKyungSoon I will/am trying, it's hard though when teachers give you back to back HW 😩. Anyways thank you for answering, I appreciate you taking your time to read this card. 🙇thank you again