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so Teen Top has a lot of couplings but today I'm going to do some Chunji and Ljoe. Ljoe is pretty vocal about his affection for Chunji. he is always chasing after him lol here are some of Ljoe's confessions. these are actual conversations just so we're clear.

Ljoe planning their future family

lol Chunji is so flustered. Poor baby! idk what I'd do either if Ljoe was hitting on me lol Probs forget how to speak/breathe & melt into puddle...

planning their vactions ♡♡♡

Haha he is not shy about it!

^^^this was released today. Ljoe doing dips using chunji as extra weight. haha i was not ready for that. i literally replayed it like 5 times to make sure. chunjoe had been kinda cool for awhile but no worries angels it looks like they're heating up again ;) xoxo angels if you want to be tagged in future cards let me know
This is now my favorite card in existance <3 I love me my Joeji so much!! [yes I did still that from u haha XD sorry not sorry]
Lol those two it's cute and kinda weird at the same time
@KAddict yay!!! glad you like it!! nbd you can use joeji :) I didn't make it up haha