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Taeyang : GD...Let's take out your shirt TOP : Glad that wasn't me... When one member who always seems to be shirtless. with other member who cover by wearing 2 shirts and a long sleeves
When member strip their own member. I call it ↠Fan Service
We individual member strip on their own... I call it ↠↠Great Fan Service
When can you do that TOPi? Just sleeveless is that too much to ask... TOP : I just like to cover up....
Honestly TOP with or without sleeves is amazing in its self
@SakuraLair I m sure TOP is a male.... m... maybe not... he does have big chest...which I m very jealous of..😛😛😛😛
Haha the person always wearing like three shirts seems like a great premise for a gender bender story. With a girl secretly bring part of an all guy band! ;)
@lovetopia I couldn't have said it better myself 😄
@LaurenDimalanta Yes... he is very fine with or without top..😍😍😍😍